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3D printing Technology for medical

ForgIT Generate and Produce Ortopedic insoles for every need. . Our innovative technology allows patients a very high precision of the insole making it very ergonomic and functional.

How it Works

KEY Benefits from our service

Rapid Prototyping


Thanks to our prototyping software you can edit and see immediately the design wanted,

allowing the podiatris to show the customer what will be done to solve the issue.

Time Saving


how long does it take for the standard insole creation procedure?

Our service allows you to have all the equipment necessary to create an insole, removing production time and the costs of materials and related personnel.

3D Printing


Our 3d Printing expert will take care of your orders. We have more than 15  Printers ready to go. this will guarantee no delays in productions and an high quality even on a massive production.

Post Processing


Insoles are subject to a review after the process is ended to have total control of the quality of the product before sending to customer.

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