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Who We Are

ForgIT  create revolutionary products by making custom manufacturing more accessible. We leverage automation to allow fast and affordable access to manufacturing capabilities from all over the world.

A broad range of capabilities

ForgIT  started life helping people during the pandemic by making face masks, but as we grew with our customers we needed to offer a broader range of capabilities to help their businesses succeed.

Today we expanded our range of services adding 3D Design  and medical aids   Our customers come back again and again because we’ll always find a way to make what they need.


Fast & affordable


The two main drivers of accessibility are price and speed, so we build an automated process that makes custom manufacturing cheaper and faster.


We use machine learning to quote costs better than any machinist, instantly. This reduces the overhead costs in our prices, and eliminates a lot of the time our customers would normally spend sourcing quotes.

Ingegnere industriale

Our Mission

We use 3D printing to make life easy for everyone, especially those which life is not.

We fulfill a need in education by developing and delivering comprehensive resources and the best practices that demystify the would-be complex process of 3D printing, which helps train a new generation in digital manufacturing.

Core Values


Thanks to our integrated systems and captured data, we make decisions based on key performance indicators, in order to ensure quality work.


We are committed to building long term partnerships with customers, partners and suppliers through genuine collaboration.


World is made by people.  We believe that the customer is above all a person, and we want to make people happy. that is why a happy person is also a happy customer.

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