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3D Design and Rendering Service

We work with housebuilders, developers, architects, local authorities and sales agents, to bring new developments to life before they’re built. Want to turn your architectural plans into photorealistic visuals? Talk to us!

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High-tech construction methods aren't just a fad: they're the key to managing scarce resources. Thanks to BIM design services and digitised building tools, everyone involved in design, construction or facility management can upgrade to an extremely efficient end-to-end workflow.

BIM is a great way to help you lower material costs, slash installation time and avoid improvisation on-site, but only if you partner with Hilti early in the design phase. With Hilti BIM Design Services, you can typically avoid waste and problem-solving on the jobsite. Let's take MEP and firestop as examples. Without BIM, the support structures – countless strut channels, trapezes, wires – are planned on-site and separately by each trade. With BIM, you can switch to end-to-end planning of all trades in one go, so that support structures can be shared. Add firestop to BIM and you not only reduce the risk of on-site clashes between trades, but also pave the way for innovative solutions such as cast-in fire protection devices. These easy-to-install sleeves are incorporated into the formwork and allow for easy inspection, reducing the risk of costly delays. 

50% max.

material cost saving

construction time saved

50% max.

0 x

on-site engineering decisions
due to advance planning


potential labour saving

Afriquia Gala Dinner

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Are you looking to 3D Print your Project ?

If you are developing a project and you wish to have a better understanding of results, we can help you to have a realistic point of view 3D printing your Model.

Make Architects: Transforming the model shop with 3D printing
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Unique piece or in parts

If your model has unusual size, no worries, we can build it also in parts. 

Convert your digital project into a Realistic Protorype

Prototipation is the first step of the building project and helps to have better understanding of dimensions in a space.

Time and Cost Saving

Our service will save you time, help to demonstrate more professionality  and save money.