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Make Your 3D Dreams a Reality

Professional 3D Solutions Under One Roof

3D Design

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What We Offer

As 3D Design becomes more and more accessible, we provide  solutions for the entire 3D Design process, from 2D Design to final rendering.

Our Partnership for podiatrist and chiropodist
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Our Partnership for podiatrist and chiropodist

The future is Here ! 

Life will be easier from now on.

Thanks to our Partnership with Feetah we can create bespoke insoles for every patient need.

3D Printing Services
  • What do I need to start a project?
    Just click on a Get a Quote button. you will be directed to our page where you can enter your details and a draft of your project idea. Our team will contact you quickly to assist with your needs.
  • Is my data safe with you?
    - We guarantee that any information about your company and projects will not become public according to our Privacy Policy, which includes NDA; - We offer standard and extended copyrights for the visual materials you get as a result; - We take payments via transparent international systems.
  • How many projects can you do at the same time?
    As many as you need! The sky's the limit. We always have teams to take up the project of any scale, and they can work on your tasks simultaneously.
  • What is ‘Orthotics’?
    Orthotics is a specialist field of medicine that focuses on the design, production and use of orthoses in order to treat any biomechanical dysfunction of the body. Orthoses are designed to be fitted to an individual to provide any of the following: Correct or prevent deformities Reduce pain and inflammation Stabilise the joints Improve mobility or performance Reduce risk of injury Orthoses come in many different shapes and sizes and are designed to treat many different medical conditions. Here at The Lakes Orthotics we use a wide variety of orthoses and these can be off the shelf, semi-bespoke, or completely custom made for an individual.
  • What are they for?
    Comfort and prevention- don't wait until it's too late! Around 80% of people will at one point in their lives be confronted with foot problems or troubles which have an origin in bad foot positioning. You can avoid this trap by having a preventative foot analysis carried out regularly Running | hiking | golf | racket sports | indoor sports : Guidance and support increase the efficiency and diminish the risk for injuryCycling : Better power transfer, more foot comfort and a better bike positionFootball : Efficient support, better balance and more control
  • Are custom inserts worth it?
    Custom orthotics are an investment that pay your body back exponentially over time and helps save you money long-term. Non-custom orthotics, while cheaper, are often made with unreliable and lower quality material, are not designed to fix your specific issues, forcing you to spend more money to find relief.
  • Should insoles hurt at first?
    Adjusting to new insoles - either premade or custom-built - can be uncomfortable at first. They are changing the way that your foot operates, which takes some getting used to. However, they should never cause more pain than you were experiencing before, and if they are, then there might be something wrong
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